Austin Pedicab Community Benefit for the Uribe Family.

Thursday September the 13th, the entire Austin pedicab community will we working for the benefit of the family of Jeff Uribe. Mr. Uribe is the passenger who was seriously injured in the recent hit-and-run accident on the Ann Richards Congress Bridge. All pedicab proceeds will be donated to the family to help to offset some of the costs of their tragic ordeal. Please help support this effort.

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  1. greg Says:

    On behalf of the New York City Pedicab Community, I wish to express
    our most genuine sympathy for the Uribe family, during this difficult
    time of suffering. It is our hope that Mr. Uribe has a full and speedy
    recovery. We are very grateful that he survived this dispicable hit
    and run accident.

    Cycling victims in New York City are often not so fortunate. Because
    of the great volume of cyclists on our streets, the accident rate is
    higher than many other cities. (see Fortunately, our
    pedicab industry has a very good safety record. But, we are being
    challenged in many ways with punitive and dangerous pedicab lawmaking.

    Our City Council has passed a law that bans pedicabs from the
    increasing number of bike lanes. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Shame on Speaker Christine Quinn for exposing pedicab passengers to
    greater danger on our streets. Our only hope is to fight Local Law 19
    in the courts to make pedicabbing in NYC safer.

    Many of us here are very impressed with Austin’s Pedicab Community
    outreach to aid the victim’s family in demonstrating unity by
    supporting their assistance. We will continue to following this story

    -Doug Korman, President – Trike Taxi, Inc.
    Editor – Pedicab News
    Co-founder – Green Tranporters Association
    Board Member, New City Pedicab Owners Association, Inc.

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